Want to Get Your Concealed Carry Permit?

Take a concealed carry permit course in Milford, DE

As excited as you must be to get your concealed carry permit, there are a few things you must do first. One of those is taking a Conceal & Carry Deadly Weapons (CCDW) class. Fortunately, Delaware CCDW Classes by Jeff teaches a wide variety of them. Jeff offers concealed carry permit courses in the Milford, DE area. His CCDW classes cover firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, laws, transportation, storage and use of force.

Learn more about the courses Jeff teaches

He teaches different concealed carry permit courses to suit everyone's needs. You can easily come to us for:

  • Delaware Concealed Carry Courses - $100 for 8 hours- Geared towards Delaware residents seeking to carry a concealed weapon, this course is also beneficial for firearm owners in general. It covers essential topics such as firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, state and federal laws pertaining to ownership, transportation, storage, use of force, and more.
  • Maryland Wear and Carry Courses: $150 for 16 hours - Tailored for individuals looking to carry a concealed weapon in both Maryland and Delaware (open to residents and non-residents*), this course is suitable for firearm owners as well. It encompasses crucial aspects, including firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, state and federal laws regarding ownership, transportation, storage, use of force, and more.
  • New Jersey Carry Permit Courses - $150 for 4 hours - For those looking to obtain a concealed carry license for a handgun in New Jersey. This course highlights the permit application process and completing the shooting qualifications.

Schedule your CCDW class with Jeff today. He can provide you with a loaner firearm and 100 rounds of ammunition for an additional fee.

Delaware is now using a service called IdentoGO, located at:


It requires a code to schedule fingerprint appointments specifically for CCDW background checks, and that code is nowhere to be found on any of the states' websites.
The code from the Prothonotary's office
27S7Q4 - New Castle County
27RV9F - Kent County
27S7RK - Sussex County